PREPRUFE® Plus Pre-Applied Waterproofing Membrane

High performance, durable below grade waterproofing

The immense hydrostatic pressure outside structures puts foundations at high risk of water infiltration. In addition, many developments are susceptible to corrosion and dangerous fumes from contaminated soil. The PREPRUFE® Plus waterproofing membrane provides a high performance barrier against water and moisture, aggressive soils as well as hazardous gases such as radon and methane. 

GCP Applied Technologies pioneered the market with the PREPRUFE® system, the first-ever bonded, pre-applied waterproofing membrane, and has continued to refine this technology ever since. Building on a 25-year track record of success, PREPRUFE® Plus waterproofing system delivers unparalleled performance and ease of installation.

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PREPRUFE® 300R Plus Membrane
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PREPRUFE® Plus Product Brochure
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  • Product Name
  • Description
  • Key Benefits
  • Applications Type
PREPRUFE® 300R Plus Membrane

PREPRUFE® 300R Plus membrane is a unique composite sheet comprised of a thick HDPE film, pressure sensitive adhesive, and weather resistant protective coating. Designed with ADVANCED BOND TECHNOLOGY™ and dual adhesive ZIPLAP™ seams, the PREPRUFE® Plus membrane forms a unique, integral bond to poured concrete.

Key Benefits
  • The unique continuous adhesive bond to concrete poured against it is designed to prevent water migration and make it unaffected by ground settlement beneath slabs.
  • Designed with fully adhered adhesive to adhesive watertight ZIPLAP™ seams and easy to execute detailing.
  • Designed to provide a barrier to water, moisture and gas and to physically isolate the structure from the surrounding substrate.
Application Type
  • concrete blinding
  • well compacted sand on rolled crushed stone
  • rigid insulation
  • clay heave boards
  • permanent formwork
  • removable formwork
  • 19 mm plywood
  • Hydroduct drainage sheets
  • Adjacent sub-structures

Gain proven, long-term protection

With the PREPRUFE® Plus waterproofing membrane, structures can be protected throughout their lifetime. Made of a patented HDPE geomembrane, the PREPRUFE® Plus waterproofing membrane forms an intimate bond with the concrete, helping to prevent costly damage from floods, mold, mildew as well as gas fumes. The membrane also stands up to dirt, foot traffic and UV exposure, preventing it from being damaged before the concrete is poured. 


Safeguard your structure

Ensuring structural integrity means not just preventing water ingress but stopping water migration between the membrane and the building. This way even if the waterproofing membrane is accidentally damaged, leaks are confined to a small area and can be easily repaired.

That’s why GCP developed the PREPRUFE® Plus waterproofing membrane with ADVANCED BOND TECHNOLOGY™. Unlike conventional membranes that have a fleece or mesh interface between the membrane and the concrete, PREPRUFE® Plus waterproofing membranes form an impermeable protective bond directly to the concrete to prevent both water/gas infiltration and to prevent water from migrating between the membrane and the concrete.

Accelerate construction time

Consisting of wide, lightweight rolls, the PREPRUFE® Plus waterproofing membrane reduces the time and cost involved with application. The system is immediately trafficable upon application, so rebar can be installed the same day. Self-adhesive ZIPLAP™ watertight laps make it easy to tightly adhere membrane panels together, without the need for heat, power or special equipment. In addition, complex details can be simplified and tightly sealed by using PREPRUFE® tape and BITUTHENE® LM.