OPTEVA® Quality Improvers

Enhance cement quality

OPTEVA® quality improvers, often called performance enhancers, allow cement manufacturers to achieve superior cement quality without increasing costs. Additionally increased cement performance can reduce the clinker factor, allowing lower overall production costs and reduced environmental impact (lower CO2 emissions and energy consumption) while maintaining compliance with target performance and regulations.


Enhance the quality of all types of cement 

For decades, cement producers have trusted our OPTEVA® CBA®, OPTEVA® ESE® and OPTEVA® TDA® additives for improving the performance and quality of finished cement. 

The drive for lower production costs and more sustainable practices is spurring many cement producers to reduce clinker use. However, supplementary materials such as slag, fly ash, and limestone used to replace clinker can decrease cement strength. GCP Quality Improvers alleviate this challenge – enabling producers to increase the substitution rate while maintaining performance through:

  • Enhanced early and late strength
  • Set acceleration or retardation
  • Water demand reduction

OPTEVA® HE is the latest innovation in GCP’s line of cement quality improvers, which provides forward thinking cement producers with more efficient options for gaining high early strength. This is particularly effective for challenging cements, such as such as those prone to yellow- or brown- discolouration, with durability concerns, with low alkalis, with high clinker replacement with SCM’s, as well as those produced with large amounts of alternative fuels or used for fast concreting.

Custom solutions for any cement manufacturer

As the market leader in cement additive technology, we build our reputation on more than materials alone. We partner with producers to audit the materials and processes involved in cement grinding to create custom solutions. Whether a producer’s needs include strength enhancement, grinding aids, water reduction or something else, we either have a solution or can create one. We offer tailor-made solutions for individual plants and cements and can even train cement plant personnel and audit grinding systems to ensure that maximum value is extracted from the quality improvers.