GCP grinding aids

Maximising cement grinding efficiency

It is more important than ever for cement plants to produce high quality products while achieving efficiencies in energy, production and cost. Our grinding aids such as HEA2® and DARAGRIND® let producers achieve those efficiencies, offering increased powder flowability, output and fineness—without increased cost.


Grinding aids make life easier

Our grinding aids are designed to increase mill output without increasing costs, while saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions. Improved cement flowability reduces the effort for handling and transporting cement.

Product Spotlight: HEA2®

HEA2® is designed as a dispersant for Portland cement. The attractive forces that occur between cement particles during the comminution process are significantly reduced. In turn, this reduces the amount of time that particles are retained in the mill and reduces pack set. This also prevents particles from coating the mill equipment or re-agglomerating, which help reducing operating costs.

Other improvements include decreased loading and unloading times for silos, trucks and other vessels. Up to 5% greater bulk density can also be achieved—producers can store larger amounts of cement in the same containers. HEA2® can improve the overall quality of cement itself, with an up to 10% increase in compressive strength at early ages.

Increase output without increasing effort

DARAGRIND® and HEA2® have similar functions, but the uses of DARAGRIND® are not limited to cement. DARAGRIND® is optimised for use with a wider spectrum of minerals, including coal, pure calcium carbonate, limestone, silica and quicklime.

 For both DARAGRIND® and HEA2®, as well as other GCP grinding aids, the overall result is the same. They allow operators to increase mill output while keeping cement fineness constant and without increasing energy consumption. This significantly lowers the grinding cost per ton of cement, and allows users remain compliant with EN and ASTM standards.

A tradition of both service and innovation

We pioneered the development of chemical compounds for use in cement grinding over 80 years ago. Today, we continue that tradition of excellence by innovating newer and better chemical additives. This commitment to innovation is matched by a commitment to service. We gladly offer tailor-made solutions for individual plants and cements, and provide training for cement plant personnel and audit grinding systems to ensure that the maximum value is extracted from the grinding aids.