ADVA® Cast high-range admixtures

A high-range water reducing admixture for the precast/prestressed concrete industry. Excellent placeability and workability, flow through congested forms without segregation and high early strength: there is an ADVA® Cast to meet all your needs.

ADVA® Cast is a series of high efficiency, polycarboxylate-based, high-range water-reducing admixtures for the precast/prestressed concrete industry. In addition to providing excellent water reduction, ADVA® Cast products generate higher compressive strengths, better slump retention, improved rheology, enhanced air control, superior finishability and robustness across a wide range of materials, including both flowable and self-consolidating concrete.


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ADVA® Cast 560
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ADVA® Flow 340
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  • Product Name
  • Description
  • Key Benefits
  • Applications Type
ADVA® Cast 560

ADVA® Cast 560 is an accelerating superplasticising admixture designed to yield high range water reduction, short setting time and very high early compressive strength as required by the precast industry.

Key Benefits
  • Considerable increases in compressive strength
  • Impermeability and durability are correspondingly improved
  • Early release strength
Application Type
  • Ideal for use in all precast/pre-stressed structures where high-range water reduction and accelerated early strength development are needed for early de-moulding and /or heat energy savings.
ADVA® Flow 340

ADVA® Flow 340 is a high performance high efficiency, new generation admixture designed to impart extremely high consistence and enable the production of self compacting concrete.

Key Benefits
  • ADVA Flow 340 is extremely efficient, allowing the production of high flow / self-compacting concrete without excessive admixture dosage and at ‘normal’ water contents.
Application Type
  • Can be used with most types of Portland cements.
  • Effective in concrete containing fly ash or ground granulated blast slag.

Solve challenging forms, improve efficiency and quality with high-strength SCC

Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) is a highly flowable, non-segregating concrete that spreads into place, fills formwork, self-compacts and encapsulates even the most congested reinforcement, all without any mechanical vibration. SCC flows evenly around complex or congested forms without segregation.

SCC produced with ADVA® Cast products provides unique advantages over conventional flowing concrete:

  • Lower SCC viscosity
  • Self-placement
  • No segregation
  • No blocking
  • Improved finishes

This results in high-quality, high performance, precast concrete elements.

Technical services for every application

Concerned about how to use ADVA® Cast for your project? Don't be. GCP maintains a worldwide team of professionals to consult with concrete producers. For more information on the best ADVA® Cast product for your mix, contact GCP today.

Feature: ADVA® Cast 585 and the GCP Air Management System

Precast/prestressed concrete often requires air entrainment to improve its freezing and thawing durability. Entrained air must be present in the correct concentration (air content %) and also fall within industry specified parameters (e.g. spacing factor, size of the air bubbles, etc.) in order to be fully effective and in compliance, ADVA® Cast 585 contains a special (patent pending) deformer package designed to develop a stable air void system consisting of smaller air bubbles, which helps meet specifications and performance requirements.

In addition to providing an excellent air void system and benefits of a high-range water-reducer, ADVA® Cast 585 can be combined with AIRtrac™, a sensor that measures the temperature and total air content of concrete in real time while mixing. When combined, these products and technologies provide for a complete AIR Management System.