Museum of Islamic Art Built with Sustainability in Mind

High performance waterproofing of the foundation protects the finest collection of Islamic art.
Museum of Islamic Art
Qatar Petroleum (Qatar)
I.M. Pei (U.S.A.)
SixConstruct (Belgium) and Baytur (Turkey)
Structural Engineer
Leslie R. Robertson Associates (USA)
GCP Solution
PREPRUFE® waterproofing system
The Overview
The Overview

The Project

Poised at the end of the corniche in the harbour of Doha, Qatar, the Museum of Islamic Art rises majestically from the waters of the Arabian Gulf. Designed by renowned architect I. M. Pei, the museum design includes a striking exterior that conceals one of the finest collections of Islamic art in the world. 

Inspired by the Mosque of Ahmed Ibn Tulun in Cairo, it was built through combined efforts. The museum design reflects a modern interpretation of Islamic architecture and mirrors Qatar’s cultural vision as a bridge between past and present, east and west.

GCP Applied Technologies brought a multi-national collaboration into this project and coached the partnership formed among an American-based architect, European- and Turkish-based contractors and local site teams.

"...The first step in a monumental effort by Qatar to transform itself into the arts and education hub of the Middle East."

The Architect’s Journal, UK, 02.05.2009

The climate and corrosive salt environment of the Persian Gulf created a number of museum design project challenges. 

Constructed on reclaimed land, the museum’s foundation rests below the water table, subjecting the foundation to highly aggressive chloride and sulphate conditions, which can quickly deteriorate the concrete and significantly reduce the life of the structure. It also puts the artworks housed within at risk.

GCP’s  Blue360sm Design Advantage Team was deeply involved in the museum design project and recommended PREPRUFE® 300R waterproofing membrane be applied under the slab to prevent water migration around the substructure. 

As Blue360sm Design Advantage project, GCP also provided extensive training for site engineers and operatives on proper product application procedures.

The solution was not only well suited to the corrosive salt environment of the Persian Gulf, but also for Qatar’s severe heat – often in excess of 40°C (104°F)—offering incomparable sustainability

The result: a continuous waterproofing system, fully-bonded to the structural concrete surrounding the substructure and creating a positive and permanent barrier to protect the works of art from the corrosive environment.

Blue360sm Design Advantage.

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