Sardinia Concrete improves profitability with control flow concrete

With CONCERA™ admixtures, ready mix producers can produce higher flowing concrete using conventional mix designs. Dubbed control flow concrete, this new category of concrete has slump flows that fall between those of conventional and self-consolidating concrete, but without the inherent QA costs of self-consolidating concrete.

The resulting concrete vastly reduces labour costs involved with moving and placing concrete. Control flow concrete can be used for a wide range of projects, such as horizontal slabs, elevated decks, as well as vertical walls and columns. 

Ohio-based ready mix producer Sardinia Concrete has used CONCERA™ admixtures to produce control flow concrete for a large basement floor. For this project, using control flow concrete eliminated the need for a pump.

"CONCERA™ [admixtures] made the project go faster…We put the [admixture] in and the concrete flowed across the entire basement floor. By doing that, it saved the owner a substantial amount of money, and put money back into my company’s pocket."

Chad Kelley
Sardinia Concrete

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