Argos USA highlights labour benefits of control flow concrete

CONCERA™ water reducing admixtures were designed to create high flow concrete that is easier to place and finish compared to conventional concrete, and less labour-intensive than self-consolidating concrete. Argos USA’s Kirk Deadrick recently spoke about the ways CONCERA™ admixtures can benefit contractors. A leading manufacturer and distributor of building products, Argos USA produces and markets cement and ready mix concrete throughout its operations in Colombia, the United States, Central America and the Caribbean.

"I see CONCERA™ [admixtures] helping the contractor from a labor perspective because it is easier to put together and they should be able to use less people.  When we use self-consolidating concrete, we tend to need more QA people on the job site. With CONCERA™ [admixtures], I see that the mix is already set. We get the slump we want.  If a finishing contractor has fewer issues and the concrete is more consistent and is easier to finish, then his final product is going to look better and will make the owner feel better about it."

Kirk Deadrick, Argos USA

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