GCP performance enhancers

Water reducers, strength enhancers, setting time regulators and more

Our performance enhancers allow cement manufacturers to achieve superior cement quality without increasing costs. Additionally increased cement performance can reduce the clinker factor, allowing lower overall production costs, reduced environmental impact (lower CO2 emissions & energy consumption) whilst maintaining compliance with worldwide regulations.


Make substitutions that enhance cement

One of the major advantages of performance enhancers such as CBA® is the ability to replace expensive materials such as clinker with substances such as fly ash, limestone, slag and other pozzolanic materials. CBA® and other GCP performance enhancers let manufacturers increase the substitution rate while maintaining the same or greater level of quality.

Encapsulate the benefits of grinding aids while enjoying further enhancements

Our performance enhancers, such as CBA®, ESE® and TDA®, are designed with a number of advantages in mind, including enhanced strength, water reduction and set acceleration. They also replicate the benefits of a grinding aid by reducing the interparticle attraction found in both wet and dry cement grains, which reduces problems such as silo set.

ESE® and TDA® products, for example, are specifically designed to produce high early strength in cement by up to 50% while also including the same benefits as traditional grinding aids. In addition, ESE® is formulated to provide benefits without any chlorides. This allows it to be added to cement that is already chloride-rich.

Custom products for any cement manufacturer

As the #1 market leader in cement additive technology, we build our reputation on more than mere materials. We gladly audit the materials and processes involved in cement grinding to create custom solutions. Whether a producer’s needs include strength enhancement, grinding aids, water reduction, or something else, we either have a solution or can create one. We gladly offer tailor-made solutions for individual plants and cements, and can even train cement plant personnel and audit grinding systems to ensure that the maximum value is extracted from the quality improvers.